Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooper Mountain

We hiked with Nick, Brock and Porter at Cooper Mountain. There was a decent sized thunder storm going on, but the ranger said it was OK to hike, just don't touch the trees, and if we get too close to the lightning, lay on the ground. I would like to add that I feel hiking with someone taller than you must also help prevent being struck by lightning.

 Owen and Porter
 Owen and Brock.
 The boys found a little pond, and Brock caught a teeny tiny frog.
 I swear it's there, smaller than a dime.

 Whenever the boys heard thunder, they hit the deck.

 We stopped at this viewpoint and enjoyed the lighting for a bit.

 A beautiful view.


My Uncle Tom and Aunt Donna came to visit with their grandson Wesley (my second cousin). We spent a morning at the zoo with the Ryerson kids.

 Some kids in an eagle's nest, also known as an aerie.

 There are two black bears playing in a water tub.
 Elephants enjoying their temporary home.
 Tom almost was attacked by a lion.

 The family of lions.
 I think they are looking for merecats?
 I found penguins.
 I realize that there are lots of pictures of the back side of kids. Here they are playing with a penguin who would dive for them, following their hands.


Lucas' ankle feels pretty good. Good enough to do some hiking, so we are taking advantage that this correlates with summer. 

Here we are hiking in Washington Park, to the Rose Gardens.
 Contemplating life.
 Needing to sit to contemplate... life is complex.

 Father and Son hiking.

 Owen found a bunny. We named him Edward.
 Owen was TIRED, and could BARELY walk the last few steps to the rose garden. But wouldn't you know it when we found the big grassy steps, he had energy to jump down (and up) each one.

 Family self portrait. (Owen may have a big chunk of granola bar in his mouth)

 Pretty. Each time I'm at the Rose Garden I think of my Grandma.

 The next hike was through some of Hoyt Arboretum, which actually was very close to the hike we just did. Fun and beautiful.

more hodge podge

Owen eating some berries from the farmer's market.
 Next, we went berry picking for some more berries.
 Which made very yummy pie.
 Owen built a Lego Robot/Transformer. It's pretty cool

Fourth of July

We had the fourth of July celebrations at our house this year with family and friends.
 Owen holding a sparkler.
 Just like tradition, Lucas and Dad lit most the fireworks.
 ooooo.... pretty.

 The aftermath of a fun evening.
 This isn't the fourth, it's a turkey dinner in July. And finally, kids old enough for a kids table!