Monday, March 31, 2014

Our garden

On Sunday, Robert came over with the girls to help us build two raised garden beds for our front yard. He did most the work, with Lucas' help. I watched the kids play.
 Helper Owen.

 Silly faces in a box.

Final project! We planted seeds for beets, snap peas, carrots and radishes today. 

 Owen was very careful to water the seeds, without drenching them.

I'm excited to see what we will actually get to grow!

More camping

 We went on a hike to find the playground.

 It was a LONG walk back for Owen, he had to climb the steps to make it back.
 Who is this "alien"?
 Just Owen! He may have played this game a lot during our two days.

 Tackle the bunny! Who's under there?
We had a great time camping. We woke up Tuesday morning to rain... a perfect time to head home.

Camping: spring break

This past week was spring break. We started with two nights of camping with the Ryersons at Stub Steward State park. We were lucky and got two great days of camping! 
 A small hike from our cabins was a perfect spot to watch the sun set.



 Bunny face.
 I love this picture of Zachary and Abigail.

 The first morning we went on a nature hike, guided by a ranger. We looked for birds.

 Owen learned how to have "deer ears" to help increase his hearing. (not so much his listening though)

 Using binoculars to look at a tree.

101 Days (Henry's final pictures)

It's taken me 101 days to look at these pictures from Lucas' camera. I knew they were there, waiting on the camera. I knew I wanted them taken, I wanted to remember every piece of Henry's life. Every face he made, even his final one.
101 days. Seems like a blink, and an eternity.

 Owen helped bathe Henry, and then spent time brushing out his hair. Owen is the most gentle, sweet, amazing brother.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Owen graduated from level two gymnastics.  Here is the proud boy with teacher Deanna.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Days of Owen's life

Last week at gymnastics, Owen rolled his ankle on the trampoline. He was able to finish the class, but said it hurt "a lot, but not a lot a lot" when we got home. So, we iced it (with peas) and had dinner on the couch with Pengu. By the next morning, he was fine. First ankle injury of many I am sure.

 We (meaning Lucas) are helping Owen learn knife skills. Here he is cutting green onions, and making a silly face as the onion is stinging he eyes. He does such a good job being careful! (no cuts yet)
 As part of his cooking lessons, he helped hand blend a soup Lucas was making.
 And of course, still a kid... I mean still a Captain. (borrowing Seth's Captain America helmet)